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One More Sea Day Before Bermuda – Day 0

I could get used to this cruising lifestyle. At least for a while. No phone, sketchy WiFi, all my needs taken care of, endless smiles from endless people. Well maybe not endless people…

sea day (jpeg)

I had a guru of mine tell me once that there are only 200 people in the world. Now that’s in interesting concept. I have noticed since then, and that was 40 years ago, I notice that I do run across the same people over and over again. I guess everyone else walking around in my life, that I don’t make a verbal contact with, are just peripheral entertainment because, I may not see them again. Maybe. I’m not sure, but I’m keeping that concept simmering on the back burner of my mind. It’s hard to tell what the truth is in this Universe, I guess it’s what WE choose and accept to call truth. Maybe that’s it.

pat & paul (jpeg)

It’s been interesting, I’ve collected some pretty cool pics of people shooting pics with their cell phones. The grips are very varied. Very original and very personal. The winner today is the “Four Finger Tip Grip.” I’ve seen people drop their phones and do some amazing catches too. When it’s just out of reach, they throw their body out just to cushion the fall. I love it. Maybe life is about sacrifice.

Soon, very soon, CellGrasp is going to be a common item that people use on a daily basis just to feel the security of being able to use their phone with the confidence and getting better pics and vids AND being able to concentrate on the pictures content and not the grip. Learn more and get yours today at

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CellGrasp is one of those items that your cell phone provider forgot to give you with your phone. Maybe they don’t want you to know about this. It is now saving thousands of dollars already by keeping people’s digital lifestyle safe. Get it?

Well tomorrow is Bermuda. I have never been there either. We’ve laid out a plan. We have a day and a night there. We are ready and excited to see what Bermuda will bring. I’m off and running.

Tomorrow, Bermuda…

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

Sea Day Three, But Still… – Day 0

Hey, I’m finding that riding on a ship over 1,000 feet long is pretty darn comfy. Although the seas get to 15 or 20, she is cruising pretty nicely. I’ll have to check on getting some of those stabilizer things for Panacea. Smoooooth….

sea day (jpeg)

Besides a great view of the ocean, no matter where you look, which is great by the way, the day passes very uneventful. Walking, reading, laughing, telling story, not breaking things, (…and if it gets broken, I don’t have to fix it.), eating, drinking, playing… That about sums up this Sea Day.

my bartender (jpeg)

The weather is beautiful. We are so blessed to have great weather being created for us. I’ll take it. That’s why we are here. Not a survival sail, a real cruise.Things are rolling right along on the CellGrasp front. We are making some changes, not in design, but in marketing. I’ve met some people that are pretty smart about such things and so we are learning as well as playing.
I do have an interview coming up soon with magician Scott Wells in Texas. He has a pod cast each week on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. If you are a magician, you may want to tune in and subscribe. I’ll also be offering a FREE download from my site, during the pod cast. So tune in and learn as well as get a great deal while I’m on the air.

big screen (jpeg)

In any case, I’m going to go find something to do instead of type away my day. I want you all to do the same. Even if you are strapped into a cubical, close your eyes for just 15 seconds. Dream of something amazing that relaxes you and stirs your juices. Take three very deep and slow breathes. Focus on this dream for a couple of more seconds and then SLOWLY open your eyes.

This is, what I call the 15 Second Vacation. You can do it anytime. I’ve done it on stage by using the 7 Second Version. Nobody knows. It’s for me, and you. It will rejuvenate you and give you the magical feeling of Being in the Now. It’s a ritual that I have shared for years. Pat and I have used this, even during a busy show where the tables are jammed with Garlic lovers and we see no end in sight. We look at each other, turn away from the crowd and within 15 seconds, we are back at it with new strength and vigor. You have nothing to loose but 15 seconds. Make ’em count. Every moment counts. Also don’t forget to put that little smile on your face as you remember your vacation. Deal? Deal.
Tomorrow, yet another sea day…

Capt. Paul

Waking Up in a Watery World – Day 0

You know, I woke up this morning and realized where we were at. I mean, I know where I’m at, but I don’t really know where I’m at. I’m on a ship, heading west. Connections with the rest of the world are sketchy, but still possible. Lights, food, creature comforts, a TV with a European News Station, BBC News and CNBCI as well as Sky News. It used to have a GPS page, but that’s gone. So we are just cruising west.

sea day (jpeg)

I have friends in Switzerland, Pierre and Sonia, that I sent a message to asking for weather. He shot me a graphic on WhatsApp of our location with a note that said, “You are not alone.” Well I guess we are not alone. Sure, all these vessels have a destination, north, south, east or west, but for the time being, we really are not alone. Nothing is in site, but there are things we could bump into.

It does feel pretty good to know that we are just cruising along and don’t have an agenda for the next couple of days. Just walk, talk and take nourishment. Explore our little World and appreciate everything we see, touch, taste and hear.

chart  ships (jpeg)

Our thoughts are wondering to our friends that couldn’t make the trip with us. Judy would have loved everything about this trip except maybe the fast pace of our tours in Europe. We miss her laughter and her sense of humor. Ken wishes her well and Pat will see her on the 9th of November as she goes to do the Fountain Hills Arts & Crafts Festival. She stays with Judy, so they can catch up and such.

Also Pat and Katie are missed too. Pat acquired a health problem a few weeks before departure, so his circumstances kept them in Minnesota. We’ve been able to stay in touch with them throuhg WhatsApp. That truly is an amazing program for staying in touch with people over WiFi. As of this writing, he is on the road to recovery and we always send our Love out to them and we also know for those that know them you are all are standing in the light for a fast and amazing recovery. He sounded great today…

Please enjoy your day my friends, I know I will.

Tomorrow, another sea day…

capt. Paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

Four Sea Days to Bermuda – Day 0

Pulling away from the Azores is a step into the sea. We’ll make landfall again in Bermuda in four days. Time to relax again, and again, and again. It’s a real busman’s holiday. I see some guys varnishing rails below my cabin at chest height. Maybe I could join in for a while… Okay, that was a fleeting thought. I’ll let them continue on. With the amount of wood and rails this vessels has, I’m sure it’s a full time job for a bunch of people.

sea day (jpeg)

I’ll just hang out. My plan is to change the strings on my ukulele. They’re due. Plus John and Judi are coming to Florida and I think Judi would be a little ashamed of me if she heard these ol’ strings being plucked. Did I pronounce that right? I think so.

So I’ll stroll the decks, shoot some photos of the ship in the next few days and post them here. She’s a beautiful ship. The Carnival Vista.

Maybe you all should kick back to. Find what makes your heart glow and just do it. Smile. Give thanks and spread your magic, whatever it is. I think that can be some of the best therapy that anyone can do for themselves and the ones around them. There is just something about caring for yourself that makes you shine and the benefit of that is that the ones you connect with will notice your unannounced magic and you will lift them up along the way.

Just think if everyone you meet takes a thread of that magic with them and they lift someone too and so on and so on… Hmmm, sooner or later this Planet will finally leap into the future. As we say on Panacea, “No more borders, No more tan lines.” (It’s the only political statement we make.) This is not our country, this is our World. (Nothing political, just sharing what we’ve learned on this trip.)

Tomorrow… Another Sea Day.

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

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