Four Sea Days to Bermuda – Day 0

Pulling away from the Azores is a step into the sea. We’ll make landfall again in Bermuda in four days. Time to relax again, and again, and again. It’s a real busman’s holiday. I see some guys varnishing rails below my cabin at chest height. Maybe I could join in for a while… Okay, that was a fleeting thought. I’ll let them continue on. With the amount of wood and rails this vessels has, I’m sure it’s a full time job for a bunch of people.

sea day (jpeg)

I’ll just hang out. My plan is to change the strings on my ukulele. They’re due. Plus John and Judi are coming to Florida and I think Judi would be a little ashamed of me if she heard these ol’ strings being plucked. Did I pronounce that right? I think so.

So I’ll stroll the decks, shoot some photos of the ship in the next few days and post them here. She’s a beautiful ship. The Carnival Vista.

Maybe you all should kick back to. Find what makes your heart glow and just do it. Smile. Give thanks and spread your magic, whatever it is. I think that can be some of the best therapy that anyone can do for themselves and the ones around them. There is just something about caring for yourself that makes you shine and the benefit of that is that the ones you connect with will notice your unannounced magic and you will lift them up along the way.

Just think if everyone you meet takes a thread of that magic with them and they lift someone too and so on and so on… Hmmm, sooner or later this Planet will finally leap into the future. As we say on Panacea, “No more borders, No more tan lines.” (It’s the only political statement we make.) This is not our country, this is our World. (Nothing political, just sharing what we’ve learned on this trip.)

Tomorrow… Another Sea Day.

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

• Be sure and leave comments, questions or answers below. You are important to me. You always have been and you always will be. – Capt. Paul

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