I’m a magician, sailor and musician. Pat and I travel the world learning, sharing and enjoying life to the fullest.

On this site, I share information about what we do and offer ideas, my thoughts on many different subjects.

I’ll also be offering you different articles about iPhone photography and mobile phone photography in general. I have 28k plus photos under my belt and have learned so much over the years as the mobile photography has changed the way we shoot pics, vids and selfies.

I’m always around if you have questions or comments. Be sure and SUBSCRIBE. You are important to me and I want to help you get the most out of life. I get pretty direct, but it’s all positive and you are my family. We’re going to do just fine together.

My best to everyone and I’ll continue to live on “Island Time” and enjoy every precious moment.

Capt. Paul – MasterGrasper