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It Looks Like the Tie-Die CellGrasp will be Available Mid January 2018

I’ve been taking a poll and surveys about putting in a new color. I was thinking of just putting out Pat’s favorite, the Tie-Die CellGrasp, but I wanted to see what the public had to say about that.


So far from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook information, the Tie-Die seems to be a favorite.  It will be a little softer band from the Original Black CellGrasp. It’s funny, the first time people put in on their fingers, the say, “Wow, that’s a tight fit. Do I have the right size?”

Well, that’s the whole reason you want a CellGrasp to begin with. they are meant to keep that phone on your hand and give you security as well as keeping the phone steady for getting better pics, vids and selfies. If it wasn’t tight, it would not be doing it’s job.

Also remember when you get your new CellGrasp, there is a slight break in period. It will stretch to fit your phone, and in a few days, it will start to relax and fit your hand and phone use style. It begins to fit like a comfy t-shirt and a relaxed pair of underwear or soft socks. You will become at ease and the relationship will become bonding.


Sure, you don’t have to leave it on all the time. I do, but that’s because I’m always showing it off to folks that have cracked screens and bent corners on their phones from dropping. THAT is my main goal. I want to save your digital lifestyle.

So watch for the shipping dates in the store at I’m thinking in late January. Right now I’m working on the pricing of the new elastic. It’s always something. I never gave all the little details much thought when I invented this little thing, but I’m learning.

Be sure and follow CellGrasp on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It’s where releases and information flows out pretty fast. They are my “go to” platforms to get the word out fast on CellGrasp, Magic, Sailing and Ukulele’s.


Well off to bed. It’s late here in Florida and a couple of big days coming up. You guys kick back and enjoy the day. No matter what you do, make someone happy today. Give them a hand and don’t forget when you take a walk to take a bag with you to pick up some trash. You’ll see it, so go make a difference in your World.


Capt. Paul – MasterGrasper


WOW! I Have Been Absent From Here. I’m Back!

Okay, I’ve been heading in a lot of different directions. Now it’s time to focus. So get ready.

Subscribe. You are going to want to keep up with a lot of new and different things happening here. I have so much going that I have to get it out on paper. Well sort of.

I’ve got a Sunset Sail on s/v Panacea tonight with five crazy ladies from Ohio, so I’m off and running, but when I return tonight, I’ll be continuing this blog post.

Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you later this evening. I have some questions for you.

Out the door…


Capt. Paul – MasterGrasper

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