Waking Up in a Watery World – Day 0

You know, I woke up this morning and realized where we were at. I mean, I know where I’m at, but I don’t really know where I’m at. I’m on a ship, heading west. Connections with the rest of the world are sketchy, but still possible. Lights, food, creature comforts, a TV with a European News Station, BBC News and CNBCI as well as Sky News. It used to have a GPS page, but that’s gone. So we are just cruising west.

sea day (jpeg)

I have friends in Switzerland, Pierre and Sonia, that I sent a message to asking for weather. He shot me a graphic on WhatsApp of our location with a note that said, “You are not alone.” Well I guess we are not alone. Sure, all these vessels have a destination, north, south, east or west, but for the time being, we really are not alone. Nothing is in site, but there are things we could bump into.

It does feel pretty good to know that we are just cruising along and don’t have an agenda for the next couple of days. Just walk, talk and take nourishment. Explore our little World and appreciate everything we see, touch, taste and hear.

chart  ships (jpeg)

Our thoughts are wondering to our friends that couldn’t make the trip with us. Judy would have loved everything about this trip except maybe the fast pace of our tours in Europe. We miss her laughter and her sense of humor. Ken wishes her well and Pat will see her on the 9th of November as she goes to do the Fountain Hills Arts & Crafts Festival. She stays with Judy, so they can catch up and such.

Also Pat and Katie are missed too. Pat acquired a health problem a few weeks before departure, so his circumstances kept them in Minnesota. We’ve been able to stay in touch with them throuhg WhatsApp. That truly is an amazing program for staying in touch with people over WiFi. As of this writing, he is on the road to recovery and we always send our Love out to them and we also know for those that know them you are all are standing in the light for a fast and amazing recovery. He sounded great today…

Please enjoy your day my friends, I know I will.

Tomorrow, another sea day…

capt. Paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul


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