One More Sea Day Before Bermuda – Day 0

I could get used to this cruising lifestyle. At least for a while. No phone, sketchy WiFi, all my needs taken care of, endless smiles from endless people. Well maybe not endless people…

sea day (jpeg)

I had a guru of mine tell me once that there are only 200 people in the world. Now that’s in interesting concept. I have noticed since then, and that was 40 years ago, I notice that I do run across the same people over and over again. I guess everyone else walking around in my life, that I don’t make a verbal contact with, are just peripheral entertainment because, I may not see them again. Maybe. I’m not sure, but I’m keeping that concept simmering on the back burner of my mind. It’s hard to tell what the truth is in this Universe, I guess it’s what WE choose and accept to call truth. Maybe that’s it.

pat & paul (jpeg)

It’s been interesting, I’ve collected some pretty cool pics of people shooting pics with their cell phones. The grips are very varied. Very original and very personal. The winner today is the “Four Finger Tip Grip.” I’ve seen people drop their phones and do some amazing catches too. When it’s just out of reach, they throw their body out just to cushion the fall. I love it. Maybe life is about sacrifice.

Soon, very soon, CellGrasp is going to be a common item that people use on a daily basis just to feel the security of being able to use their phone with the confidence and getting better pics and vids AND being able to concentrate on the pictures content and not the grip. Learn more and get yours today at

sign (jpeg)
CellGrasp is one of those items that your cell phone provider forgot to give you with your phone. Maybe they don’t want you to know about this. It is now saving thousands of dollars already by keeping people’s digital lifestyle safe. Get it?

Well tomorrow is Bermuda. I have never been there either. We’ve laid out a plan. We have a day and a night there. We are ready and excited to see what Bermuda will bring. I’m off and running.

Tomorrow, Bermuda…

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

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