Sea Day Three, But Still… – Day 0

Hey, I’m finding that riding on a ship over 1,000 feet long is pretty darn comfy. Although the seas get to 15 or 20, she is cruising pretty nicely. I’ll have to check on getting some of those stabilizer things for Panacea. Smoooooth….

sea day (jpeg)

Besides a great view of the ocean, no matter where you look, which is great by the way, the day passes very uneventful. Walking, reading, laughing, telling story, not breaking things, (…and if it gets broken, I don’t have to fix it.), eating, drinking, playing… That about sums up this Sea Day.

my bartender (jpeg)

The weather is beautiful. We are so blessed to have great weather being created for us. I’ll take it. That’s why we are here. Not a survival sail, a real cruise.Things are rolling right along on the CellGrasp front. We are making some changes, not in design, but in marketing. I’ve met some people that are pretty smart about such things and so we are learning as well as playing.
I do have an interview coming up soon with magician Scott Wells in Texas. He has a pod cast each week on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. If you are a magician, you may want to tune in and subscribe. I’ll also be offering a FREE download from my site, during the pod cast. So tune in and learn as well as get a great deal while I’m on the air.

big screen (jpeg)

In any case, I’m going to go find something to do instead of type away my day. I want you all to do the same. Even if you are strapped into a cubical, close your eyes for just 15 seconds. Dream of something amazing that relaxes you and stirs your juices. Take three very deep and slow breathes. Focus on this dream for a couple of more seconds and then SLOWLY open your eyes.

This is, what I call the 15 Second Vacation. You can do it anytime. I’ve done it on stage by using the 7 Second Version. Nobody knows. It’s for me, and you. It will rejuvenate you and give you the magical feeling of Being in the Now. It’s a ritual that I have shared for years. Pat and I have used this, even during a busy show where the tables are jammed with Garlic lovers and we see no end in sight. We look at each other, turn away from the crowd and within 15 seconds, we are back at it with new strength and vigor. You have nothing to loose but 15 seconds. Make ’em count. Every moment counts. Also don’t forget to put that little smile on your face as you remember your vacation. Deal? Deal.
Tomorrow, yet another sea day…

Capt. Paul

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