They Promise a Bumpy Ride – Day 0

Well as we say goodby to Europe, our captain has promised us that the sea conditions are going to deterate for the next couple of days as we sail into a nice low pressure system. As we found out in the middle of the night, he was right. We could feel the ship rolling and we were rocking. Good thing the sheets were tucked in.

iva & pat (jpeg)

The seas are pushing 5.5 meters, but the good news is that they are 15 seconds apart. The wind is 45 knots. With a ship this size with stableizers, we are bouncing and rolling, but still a very comfy ride. Not like being in Panacea in 10 footers that’s for sure. Yes, we can’t really walk a straight line in the hallways and they have battened down the hatches. The cove balconies are closed and the deck chairs are tied down. All is well.

There are activities everywhere to keep us busy if we want to stay busy. But for me, I’m kicking back. It’s going to take a few days just to relax from the whirl wind European Adventure… So much to process. I’m smiling and feeling so grateful that we had this opratunity. Thanks to Pat for working on this for two years and making it happen. She is the best.

seas (jpeg)

Well sea days are short blogs. We nap, eat, drink, laugh meet people, share story, and collect new memories. It’s a special time to watch the water go by, read a book and catch a news cast about Hillary and Trump. (They were named in alphabetical order to be fair, with out any prejudice. I don’t need anyone commenting that I’m promoting Hillary because I listed her first. Seems like people are getting a little touchy about such things. Although, secretly, I’m hoping that she becomes our next president. Don’t tell anyone.)

So do yourself a favor. Take a sea day for yourself. Read a book, take a walk, be thankful and grateful for every moment of your life, make someone smile, carry someone’s groceries to their car for them, watch the clouds, put off to tomorrow everything and take the day for what it is. These are the moments you need to rejuvenate. You are blessed. Make today count… Ahhhhh… It feels good, huh?

cards (jpeg)

Guess what, tomorrow is a sea day too. Bummer, huh? No. Not really, I’ll take it.

capt paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

2 thoughts on “They Promise a Bumpy Ride – Day 0

  1. DeeDee

    What a fabulous vacation you have been having. I’ve enjoyed every day of your blog. If I were you I would stay on the ship for another two weeks!


    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Yes DeeDee, it has been amazing. I cannot even try to write the feelings, emotions and enlightenment that I have gained in the last few weeks. I’ve experienced things that I never even knew existed on this planet. What a trip. WiFi is good here on the ship, but when you are battling thousands of people connecting at the same time, it gets pretty sketchy, so sometimes I get behind, but with these sea days, I’m going to get caught up in the next day or two. WooHoo. Love you Cuz.



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