Another Sea Day – Day 0

You know, very amazing and interesting things happen to us all every moment of each day. Pat and I look at each other often and say, “It’s Now!” Sure we always know that we are living in the now and we also know that that can change at any moment and life can end or change instantly, for the better or the worse. That’s where being thankful for each moment comes in.

sea day (jpeg)

Mysteries happen on cruise ships. Sea days seem to be the most creative ones. People we meet, things we see and situations that can change our lives need to be enjoyed and appreciated. So that’s what we do and when we get caught up in the daily stuff that we all get caught up in, we both appreciate the other one taking the moment to say, “It’s Now!”

pat (jpeg)

It also is mind boggling just how much can happen in the now. In cosmic time, our entire life is just the blink of an eye, a finger snap of existence in the realm of all time, so when we take a moment of our lives and stop and enjoy it, it is a finger snap at warp speed. In fact, as I contemplate it, right now, it may not even exist, yet, we are experiencing it, so it must or maybe it doesn’t. This is getting weird. Sorry. It must be a SEA DAY.


It’s rough again today. It is the second day of this low that we are traveling through. The seas are still around the 15 to 20 foot mark, the wind is still around the 40 plus knots, the sky is cloudy and rain comes and goes. But we are warm, comfy and dry. That’s a plus for being on a ship this size. The Vista is treating us very well.

Pete seems to be feeling the seas. He has found out about wrist bands for motion sickness and they seem to be working just fine for him. He is continuing to move. He’s up in the morning for his morning workout and walk and still has half a grin on his face. I can tell though that he’s ready to get to some smother seas and/or a salty piece of land.

So today, we continue our journey toward the Azores. We’ll be in tomorrow and be able to kick back and get our feet on the ground for a while. The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to be a great tour day, but tour we will. My brother Steve and his wife Barbara spent about three years in the Azores while he was stationed there with the Army. I know he liked it a lot.

show (jpeg)Tomorrow, the Azores.

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

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