Summertime: Time to Connect!

By connect, I mean it’s time for me to connect you with your cell phone. “Sure.” you say. “I hold my cell phone all the time.” Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve really taken the time, here on the blog, to talk about my little patented invention, CellGrasp. In fact, I have friends that still don’t know that I’m still in business playing with the big dogs and trying to pee on the right trees as I leave my scent here and there. But I’m now drinking more water, eating a ton of fruit and getting ready to take all the urine and spray down the woods. I’m here and I’m going to let you know.


When I got the idea of CellGrasp, I was ignorant of the process of inventing and developing a product, I came up with something new. No one has seen one before. This is a real problem to marketers and the general public.

If I would have made CellGrasp so you just glue it to the back of your phone with glue, tape or a suction cup, the mainstream marketing people and the public would have just bought a ton of them.

But because I was a kook and decided to make CellGrasp a “continues loop”, one side being made of elastic and the other side an ultra clear, flexible touch-sensitive lens, that just slips on and off the cell phone you have, that makes me different and weird.

Although CellGrasp is superior in holding power and the holding power will not fail you so your phone will not drop, we are the outcasts. Other holding devices are popular, but will not stick for long on a case that is made of silicon, which over 60 percent of the cases out there are. In fact on my competitors packaging they say, “Does not work with silicon cases.”

So you go out and buy a $9.00 device to save your phone. Then because you have a cool case that has your sports team logo, you go get a case that is made of smooth plastic for $25.00 and you are now ready to go. Or, if you don’t want to buy a new case, just take your nice bling or sports case off of your phone, you know, the one you really like and glue the device to the back of your phone, naked. Hmmmm.

Now  your cool case cannot be put back on because the device is glued to the back of your phone. And if it’s stuck on really good, it could be tuff to remove. In fact one of my competitors website states, “To remove the xxx from the back of your phone, heat up a butter knife and pry…” REALLY? Does that make any sense to you?

Is my frustration showing? I’ll calm down in a moment… I’m going to walk the dog. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Talk amongst yourselves for a few…

I’m back. That was a good idea.

So let me just take a moment to show you the anatomy of a CellGrasp.


So let’s make this a visual conversation. There it is. Up close and personal. It is a better mouse trap. There are things on the market that claim to hold your phone to your hand. You may have one. I do. I’ve bought a lot of my competitors products. Do you want to know why? Yea me to. They all have one major flaw. And if I had done my research before I invented CellGrasp, mine may have had that same flaw. They all need glue or sticky 3M tape to “mount” it to your phone.  Now that it is on, it will stay on your phone ALL of the time, except the times it falls off. If you read the reviews, that happens.


I am so blessed and you guys are so lucky that I didn’t think it through and looked to see if there was anything out there first to take care of the problem. I was searching for wrist straps for cell phones. There wasn’t any. Cool off to work I go… Good and well, not so good. Now there’s an education process so PAY ATTENTION!

CellGrasp is different. It just slips on and off. That’s it. I made it simple when I created it. there were two things I wanted a very secure grip and to be able to be slipped on and off the equipment you have so you didn’t have to adjust your phone lifestyle and could use the equipment you all ready have. Your phone, your case. Keep your bling. No junk to remove. No heating up a butter knife, etc. Use it when you want, take it off when you don’t, in seconds. (I make two sizes: Small and large. They fit most phones with or without cases.)

Hold on! You say, “Continuous loop cool, but ultra clear, flexible, touch-sensitive lens? Really?” YES. Just look below. When the screen is off you see the lens strapped right across your screen. Now look what happens when you turn on the screen. MAGIC. Perfectly clear as well as touch-sensitive. Press down and when the lens touches your screen your icons act like they always act. You go where you want to go. ALL of your screen functions work just fine, with clarity.

Just look at the two photos below. They are un-retouched. It works just like that.

phonedarkMED1    phonelightMED1

So there you have it. That’s the basics of CellGrasp. Yep, we’re the new kids on the block, there will always be one of those.  But at this point in time, I have a much better mousetrap.

The Hand & Cell Phone Problem:

We drop our phones at the most inopportune times. We break and crack glass, we lose data, calendars, photos, contacts, screen functions or it hits water such as oceans, lakes and/or toilets.

The CellGrasp Solution:

  • Slips on and off in seconds. No waiting for glue to dry or tape to set for 24 hours. Use CellGrasp instantly.
  • Snug, comfy finger loops holds your phone to your hand. No gripping. Relax your hand and loosen that grip. CellGrasp has got you.
  • Tri-glide buckle for loop adjustments and custom grips.
  • Different finger grips for horizontal, vertical, walking, carrying, multi-tasking, adult hands, child hands, back hand etc.
  • Ultra clear, flexible, touch-sensitive lens maintains all screen functions.
  • Use it when you want, slip it off when you don’t. Simple!
  • Small footprint for slipping your phone in your pocket or purse while in use.
  • With two wine corks, you have a phone stand. Vertical or horizontal. Cool.
  • BONUS! Because of the comfy, secure, one handed grip, your photos will be clearer and your videos will be smoother. You will be concentrating on your picture content and not your weird “four finger tip grip.” (You know what I mean.) Selfies now rock since you only use one hand. It’s like your arm is a selfie stick. Much better selfies with groups or singles. The “Organic Selfie Stick.”


So there you have it. Click Here to watch a two minute video [VIDEO] of how to install your CellGrasp and some of the top grips to use.

CellGrasp is now ready to ship. Go to and order yours today. Two sizes fit most phones with or without cases.

Oh yea, if you are interested, here is the link to how the stand works. I call it the “Wine Stand.” I think you’ll like how it works. Simple and easy. Click Here to Watch.

I’m off and sailing tonight. Enjoy the evening and I’ll enjoy mine. I’ll post pictures at our Instagram site.  Just search #cellgrasplife. Also share yours too: #cellgrasplife or @cellgrasplife.

Follow us on twitter too @CellGrasp.

Bye for now. Thanks for the playtime.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.56.18 AM

Capt. Paul

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