Yep. Weird Capitalization in My Posts


Sure. I write like I talk. Some say that’s pretty strange, but it’s the way I write, I mean talk, well you catch my drift.

During my ramblings, I throw in a capital letter that I’ve been asked about now and then. I guess I should explain my use of the English language. It’s pretty easy if you think about it. I like some words and they have emotion, so they are treated as proper words.

When I write about Love, it is why the “L” is a capital because it’s special to me. The same as Earth, Planet or anything else that is “Proper” in context as to what I’m writing about.

I know, it’s not proper English, but it shows proper respect to words of emotion, words of Love and words that we the people of this amazing Planet connect with.

So when I talk and I emphasize a word with a  capital, you’ll know that I’m just giving that word the proper respect that it deserves in the context of the writing. So that’s another suspected typo that you don’t have to worry about.

While I’m on it, I don’t spell very well and my phrasing is not so good either. I think I have a grasp of the words there, their and they’re, but even with that knowledge I may throw that in the mix because sometimes, not very often, but just sometimes, I don’t use them correctly. The cool thing is, that when you read it, you’ll be able to roll right by it if you don’t get hung up on the part that it’s the wrong there that I wrote their.

The spelling thing, as mentioned above has always been a problem. Yep, I’ve got the spell check thing going, but even then it will correct me with another spelling that could be changed to even a different word. Then it doesn’t make any sense at all, but if you stay in context, you will be able to figure out what I was trying to say, or get close anyway.

Which brings up proof reading… Yes, I proof read my stuff. “Sure,” you say, but it’s true. But in my mind, with the way I spell and conjugate and break the rules of the English language my, mind just over looks my mistakes and moves right down to the “post” button and that’s about all I can say about that.

So with all that said, I think you’ll feel better about all the so called mistakes that I will make in my blog posts. Sometimes it even makes me laugh too. The point is to get my point across in my own words, in my own style and I know that you will be able to read it and get the drift of what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Thinking of all of you and wishing you well. I sail tomorrow and will continue to share my thoughts now and then.

Best of luck to all of you and hold each other tight. Love each other and share it with all you meet. Support the arts and give extra special care to those less fortunate than yourself

Remember as John Lennon once said, “And in the end, the Love you take is equal to the Love you make.”

I’m here for you…



Capt. Paul (Don’t Drop That Phone.)

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