The Coast of Marseille France – Day 0.6

You know being on the ship and we’re hitting a lot of ports, I didn’t want to miss a day. So we’re sailing the coast of Marseille France. We wake up in the morning and it’s pretty damp, really just a drizzle. In any case we decided we would make today a sea day. We decided to it was time to go to breakfast, get some coffee, and then start our day. Let it come as it may, we were excited to have a change.

Pete and Iva decided to take a tour into town and check out the city. That left Pat and I with figuring out what to do with our day. We decided that it was a good game for laundry, take a nap, watch a movie, Take a nap, and rest up for the next day. A pretty heavy schedule with checking emails and reading too. Tomorrow we are going to be in Barcelona… Where is the downside!

Barcelona is also where we have to move to a different room. We are going down one floor, so today, we also have to pack up our stuff and get ready to move. This is the last day of our 10 day Mediterranean voyage. Tomorrow starts our 3 day trans-Atlantic voyage to New York.

Today we got  see parts of the ship we haven’t seen before. We also just relaxed and took good care of each other. And got ourselves all rested up for the next few days. We’ll have to put Marseille France into our, “do it next time list.” It truly turned out to be quite a remarkable day. Sometimes taking care of yourself is probably the best thing that you can do for yourself.

In fact I think it’s something we should do more often. We got some rest time, some work done, re-connected, packed our stuff and I even have a clean shirt too. It was a great day.
Tomorrow, Barcelona Spain.

capt paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

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