Florence Italy, What a Day – Day 0.5

the gang (jpeg)

I woke up this mornig in yet another port city in Italy. Livorino. I laid there for a bit and realized that this was just a jumping point.port france (jpeg) The place to pick up a bus and head 45 minutes to Pisa to visit the Leaning Tower. That was the plan and a good plan it was.

So we got up early and waited for the ship to get everyone off for their tours and waited for the announcement that they were offering a deal for transportation to  Pisa. They seem to do that when they get all the $180.00 per person people off the boat and then offer a deal for those of us that are left. Today’s was a trip to Pisa for $27.00 round trip. Sold. We finished our coffee and headed to the dock to get our tickets. The adventure had begun.

We go our tickets and waited for the last 11:30 a.m. bus and jumped aboard. We took a seat and off we went. Out of the port and across the countryside seeing the fields and landscape of the area. Once in Pisa, we pulled up to a transportation area and were told to be back so the bus could leave at 2:30 p.m.

street (jpeg)

We looked around for the shuttle bus to take us to where the tower was a short 5 minute ride. Once off the shuttle bus, we were bombarded with street venders with umbrellas, purses, sunglasses, ponchos, toys, jewelry, watches, ALL brand name. Yea right. I mean Rolex watches for 25 euro. Now that’s a good deal. Rows and rows of booths and most of the vendors were from Senegal. Very aggressive. Wow. I loved their style. They would hand you an item and then step back and you couldn’t hand it back to them. They would just start haggling the price and pull their hands back. You finally had to poke it at them or put it under their arm. I learned so much.

We walked the street and enjoyed the excitement of the open market.performers (jpeg)Very cool. There was even a couple of street performers performing an illusion that I’d heard about, but never seen. Yep, my money hit their can.

We turned a corner and looked through an arch in a great wall. There it was. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. What a view along side of the other buildings and museum such a site. History. Right there in front of you. All my history memories were coming to life, not just visually, but the energies I’ve experienced will only be mine. All I can do to share them is shoot a few photos and write a few words. 

arch (jpeg)

The rest of the magic just boils inside of me. It feels great. No regrets. In fact I’ve often said, “If not now, when?” I would recommend everyone to say that to themselves when a decision is looming in their world. Never miss a chance to live.

So after our stay, we were back in the crowd and moving in the direction of the shuttle to go back to the bus to go back to the ship’s port. Another few hours of life packed full of Love, Joy and Experienes that will enhance my life forever.

plaza (jpeg)

We made it back to the Vista. Safe and sound with a couple of trinkets and memories.

Tomorrow Marseilles, France.

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul


tower (jpeg)

9 thoughts on “Florence Italy, What a Day – Day 0.5

  1. JC

    Great pic of the leaning tower Pisa, amazing. $27 does seem a lot more reasonable. And that Illusion on the street . . . very cool. And, oh, hey . . that hat . . . lookin’ good !


    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Thanks John. We are in Barcelona today. Heading out to sea tonight, a day, all day tomorrow and the next day in Gibraltar. Yes. I’ll watch out for the monkey’s. Love you brother.


  2. Nadine aka Bub

    Wow…. words cannot express what I feel for you. You must be sending some of that energy my way, because I think I feel it… I love you, Dad. Enjoy your journey….


    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Ahhhh… My little girl. Thank you. I am so thankful that we have opened up a new chapter in our lives together. Our Love has always been special and now it is every more so. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. It’s important.

      Give my best to all the family there, Kayla, Angel, Steven and Samantha. Family… Ahhh. I love you Bub. Dad xoxoxo


    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Hmmm… Somehow I thought I responded to this. I get confused easily. Go figure. I mentioned that this sounds to me that you are going to expand to a countdown segment that would be included in the Partly Calendar Project. If so, let me know and I’ll check it out.

      Since we are on the subject, maybe if I’m using the 0.1 concept, and we pull into port, but don’t get off the boat, would that have reverted it to a Day 0 passage, or would that be a Day 0.x.1 and if we stay aboard a second day then it would be a day 0.x.2? Let em know your thoughts.


    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Thanks Glen… We are having a ball. Seeing these wonders are blowing us away. We have very short hours in each port, so it is giving us a way to take a snapshot of places we need to get back to and explore in more depth.

      It’s amazing though. Just a touch of what else exists right beyond our own World. (They like CellGrasps too. No downside.)


  3. CellGrasp Post author

    Well, that’s great news. So with 317 days left, this mean you are starting a countdown clause on the Partly Calendar? Clue me in Brother, I’m excited to hear how this works. Let’s really complaicate things. We are on our way!

    Liked by 1 person


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