Oh, Oh… I Took a Real Day Off – Day 0

Today was a sea day. We left Rhodes Greece last evening and have been scooting across the Mediterranean Sea for 30 plus hours now heading to Malta. We’ll be in tomorrow morning.

dive in movie (jpeg)

As for this Day 0, it’s been a real kick back day. We got up late. Took our time pulling it together and the only thing on our schedule was a lunch party with the captain and crew. They do a special lunch for people that have a Diamond card. Pat has one and she checked and could take me along…

So off to lunch at noon and spent a couple of hours mingling and enjoying a very special lunch of pumpkin soup, grilled Main lobster and other specialty goodies that I can’t pronounce. It was a great date with my wife. Yep, that’s Pat with the other guy, the captain of the Vista. I hope he’s not the one that blasted the marina a few weeks ago. 

Pat & Capt (jpeg)

After lunch, she went to the casino and I went to the room to get our laundry together for pick up. I played my ukulele and took a couple of naps. Pat came home and joined me. She surfed the web and took care of business and I napped off and on.

After one of them I noticed it was getting dark, so I got ready for dinner and after dinner, came home and thought I’d blog my day. This is it.

Tomorrow is Malta. We have an early tour at 9:00 a.m. for a pick up and then we’re off for a 4.5 hour tour around the city and the beachs, caves and blue water. I’m excited.

capt paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul



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