Love Abounds in Rhodes Greece – Day 0.1

Man-o-man, did I get a great nights sleep last night. The seas were calm and the winds were comfy, so the waves were small which means the ship was just slipping along a beautiful sea.Rhodes dock (jpeg) When I awoke this morning, the ship was in port, tied up and disembarking. How cool was that. Well, I thought it was great, and it was all up from there.

Rhodes… I opened up the curtains in our cabin and Pat was on the balcony sippin’ coffee. I went out and the weather was like a great day in April back home. Warm, a touch of humidity and puffy white clouds. Just out side the ship was the end of one of the walls of the city. This is the Walled City of Rhodes Greece. We could see the wall across the bay and in side was the bustle of the old city with ancient towers, sculptures and arches.

 crew (jpeg)
wall (jpeg)So after breakfast, we headed out to find a cab to take us around a bit. We found one that had an hour tour and then drop us off at the top of the city and we could walk back to the ship through the city. Perfect. If you ever get here, look up Nikos Platis with or call 0030 6932231480. You’ll like the guy and he is loaded with all the historic facts you’ll need to know to get you around this beautiful place.

The water is beautiful. It really makes me wonder how all these other countries that we visit keep their coastlines so pristine. Maybe they they don’t work that hard at it.Med Sea (jpeg) Maybe they let nature be nature and take care of itself and then maybe, just maybe, they just don’t fight the laws of nature and don’t throw a bunch of crap in it and try to change how nature works. What an interesting concept. Just do nothing to change the way the Earth works, work with it, enjoy it and it will protect itself. What a great idea. Just don’t do anything and make it better. Of course that means, “Don’t do anything.” That includes putting poison or any contamination in the water, no waste, nothing. Just let it do what it has done so well since the beginning of time. Don’t change the way water flows. Don’t dredge and change the bottom contours. If you don’t have a natural place that has depth for boats, that translates into: “If you don’t have a natural place that has depth for boats, work with what nature gives you. Period… (Okay, I get it. I’ll step off my milk crate and put it away. But seeing the beautiful waters around the world, just makes me wonder why… Okay. I’ll stop, for now.)

iva (jpeg)

So we piled into the cab and off we went, learning as we rode. We stopped at a beautiful church at the edge of the port. Around the island, along the coast and past the beachs. It was an enlightening ride. We were taken to the top of the hill to get a good pano of the area and then dropped off at the ruins and the ancient theater.

After that walk, we were taken to an entrance to the Walled City. We left our new friend Niko and began the walk through he city. But, we had to pee. After walking for a bit through the wall, we found some restrooms. We had to put coins in to open the doors. We had no change. Dang. So we walked to the first restaurant and decided to sit for a bit and buy a drink and use their free restroom. (Family Taverna – Mama Mika) That was the plan. So we used the restroom and had a great lunch too. I mean a great lunch. I didnt’ order anything but a cold coffee, but I had bites from everyone else. Iva was the winner. We all ate well and Iva took a bag back too… She knows how to order.

wall 2 (jpeg)

After walking a mile or so of the street, loaded with shops, we came to the exit to the port and just a quarter mile more to the ship. An incredible day in port. We sat on the the sea wall for a while just watching the water, boats coming and going and swimmers in the sea. I could have sat there for a long, long time.

gate (jpeg)

Back on the ship, we kicked back on our balcony. I nodded out a few times in the sun and then gave up and went to lay down and watch the tv. Nope, I napped for a bit.

We headed out to sea again a t 7:00 p.m. and are heading to Malta. But it will take us two days to get there. Tomorrow a glorious day at sea. So guess what, that’s right, it will be Day 0 tomorrow. Now you’re catching on. (Ref: Earlier blog, The Partly Brothers Calendar.)

Laundry day tomorrow…

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

dolphins (jpeg)

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