Yes. It Seems Like The Right Word.

Today I’m in Kansas City, Missouri USA. Right about in the middle of the United States. I was thinking of how much fun it has been to be traveling with Pat, my wife and Maggie my dog. We’ve been visiting family all along the way and at this point, we have about 7,000 road miles under our belt. I can’t believe the joy and comfort we’ve experienced seeing all the friends and family along this road.



I telling you, if you ever have the chance to take a month or so, no matter where you are in the World and think that you would like to connect and re-connect with those amazing Spirits you have gathered over the years, don’t hesitate. Make it so. You will never regret it. The rewards will fill your heart and soul.


So as Bro. Dan put into words and music, “Time Keeps on Ticking’.” So get out there and do a bit of visiting. Shoot pics. Share them with me on Instagram. Just use the hash tag: #cellgrasplife. We love to see what you guys are firing off on your cell phones. I love your snapshots all the way to your post production artwork. So send away and let me share your posts. on CellGraspLife on Instagram.

iPhone Photo Tip: If you are using an iPhone, don’t forget that when you are on your home screen all you have to do, to bring up your camera, is to swipe your home screen to the left. Poof! Your camera comes right up. You are now ready to shoot that shot. Post it to your Instagram account and tag: #cellgrasplife.

Now it’s time to change the strings on my ukulele. It’s time. I mean, sure, it’s still going to sound like a ukulele, but it will be a cleaner ukulele sound.

If you play a guitar or ukulele, be sure and visit my next post. I have a way to use a shaker egg to give you that nice percussion sound as you strum. You’ll love it. I’ll post that in a few days.

Tomorrow, off to Roseville, Minnesota USA. The Road Trip continues. See you soon.

Have an amazing week this week. Be sure and follow me as I travel. It’s not lonely out here, that’s for sure, but I have a lot to introduce you to as I go. Sign up today. Don’t get left behind.

I’m also going to implement Periscope to hook up with you in real time now and then. I’ll put a schedule together when I figure all that out.

Please pick up the trash and recycle what you can. Thanks in advance – Mother Nature.
Light & Magic…

Capt. Paul
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