Cough. Shaking the Dust Off This Blog.

My blogging skills suck. I get started and then I forget I’m blogging and concentrate on Twitter. Then Instagram. Oops, I forgot to keep track of the family on Facebook and Snap Chat. That’s okay, I’l get to them right after I update my three websites, read some marketing strategy manuals and downloads.

Oh yea, I have a sailing business. So let me get the boat cleaned, varnished and maintained so I can do charters on the Gulf of Mexico. Perfect. Now I can concentrate on traveling and sharing the CellGrasp Gospel worldwide.

Of course, that takes me away from the sewing machine which is producing the CellGrasps to begin with. Let me not forget to take the orders from the emails, sort, pack and ship.

It kills me that I wake up at my computer at 3:00 a.m.  with a page of “xccxccccccccccccccccccccccccc’s” on my screen while I was writing my 2018 Magic Lecture Notes called, “Magic Keepers, We Are.” But hey, it’s 3:00 a.m. a great time to shoot out some tweets on a couple of accounts I have.

No worries, It’s summertime. I’ll shut the boat business down and take a four month road trip to see family, friends, while introducing CellGrasps as Pat keeps the Garlic Shows going at 5 major Renaissance Festivals.

But after the grandkids go to bed and I’m up late at night while on the road, It’s easy to build some graphics for Instagram and Twitter, I’ll clean out my bulging in-box then…

Oh wait, It’s been months since I put up a Blog post. How did that slip my mind?

Such is the life of a Sailor, Magician, Creator and musician. I love my life.

So let me gather up some of the little note books I have laying around, organize some notes and start helping you get better pics, vids and selfies from your cell phone.

I promise by Monday morning, you will have a fresh blog with some cool things you can do to capture better pics, vids and selfies.

See you Monday morning right in the ol’ inbox.


Capt. Paul – MasterGrasper

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