Wonders Are Everywhere, Sicily – Day 0.2

What a way to wake up. Looking at the coast of Sicily moving slowly across your window at sunrise. Pulling into the port and docking at a heck of a long dock.bp & P (jpeg) Of course this is one heck of a long ship. Carnival Vista. She’s a big one. Today, we get to explore the island of Sicily, right at the toe of Italy. I just have this feeling that we are going to have a great day.

coast (jpeg)

I’ve looked at the books. I’ve looked at the photos. Neither of which has prepared me for what I was going to experience today. Once we were up and docked, we cleaned up and headed down early to catch up with our driver that was going to take us up into the mountains to see very magical places where only dreams could be invisioned.

We docked in the port of Messina and found our driver Giovanna Fasano. The car was small and we started off not knowing if we were going to like what we were doing. But within the first half hour, things started to smooth out and we became comfortable with the cramped space, mostly because Giovanna was one amazing person. She was strong, but one of the most likable ladies we’ve met on this trip.

view (jpeg)

We learned something about Iva on this trip. She is afraid of heights. Who knew? So once we knew that, we slowed Giovanna down and gave Iva some Rescue Remedy and we all became friends again. We were on roads with switchbacks and very narrow curves as our driver weaved her way half way to heaven. A very beautiful ride.

Our first stop was Castelmole a very beautiful place with views of the coast line from a couple thousand feet up and buildings and a short walk up to the Castle which was only a wall at this point, but still standing after a couple thousand years. Amazing to say the least.

lady (jpeg)

The gardens were wonderful and we had time to connect with each other and learn about who each other were and what our thoughts of things are. It was a special time of connection. We made a plan. We would drive slowly down to Taormina and have walk through the town, have lunch and top it off with ice cream and then head back to the ship.

Off we went back down the roads and curves, missed all the oncoming traffic and busses and dropped in altitude. Once at Taormina, Giovanna dropped us off and she went to park the car. After that she met up with us to walk the streets and allies. So much history. We were walking through the centuries. Really unbelievable times we experienced through our guides words and stories. It blew me away.

She asked us where we wanted to eat. We asked for a suggestion. She said she knew of a place that is run by family and not very expensive, great food and not what we would get any where else, so we were all over that. It was a great place. We shared our dishes and everything was great.

After lunch, we went and found a place that had ice cream, gelato and beautiful deserts. We topped off the walk with some sugar and Giovanna went for the car and we headed back down the mountain to the port. We gave hugs and went our separate ways, all knowing that we all were better for this experience. It was one heck of a day.

Back on the ship, we headed to our rooms and took care some business and napped a bit. It was a very peaceful feeling to know that we got a taste of the Island of Sicily.church (jpeg)As we left the port, the sun was dropping. We watched as the night became dark and then… The full moon came out. What a topper to the day…

Tomorrow, Naples.

capt. paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul


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2 thoughts on “Wonders Are Everywhere, Sicily – Day 0.2

    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Diana, the food is what is amazing about all of the places we are seeing. Real food. They use real food, and fresh ingredients. What a wonderful concept. They also walk and bike. Most people are pretty healthy looking. I’m taking notes…



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