From What We Awoke To We’re Stoked – Day 1

This is our laid back day. A day of, sort of, rest. Waking up and realizing that we are in Greece is a very strange feeling for me. I really never thought of being here. I mean, I thought about it, but I never really even did much research as to where I really was going to be. How cool is this feeling of being. A feeling of just being here, or there. It didn’t matter, I was just… Here…

We woke up around 10:00 a.m. Pete and I got some coffee going, I slipped on a spiral marble stair case, hung by my bad arm on a pipe and grabbed Pete’s bad shoulder to save my fall that I’m sure would have put me up in the hospital, showered in the smallest shower I can remember and met up with Pete again, and Iva, to go for a walk. The city is so different than I imagined it would be. Being one day in London, then flying and arriving in the dark, then walking out the door of a place I had no concept of… Whew, I loved it.

Small skinny streets, fast moving traffic, strong but gentle people and incredible sights. We headed in the direction of the marina. The town of Piraeus seems to have two bays or ports. One for commercial ship traffic and one for pleasure vessels and the fishing fleet.

We found a place to eat a brunch and walked the waterfront and found a place to kickback and spend a few hours sipping water and a capachino. We engaged in great conversation and Pete did a walk for a couple of miles to bring us back more conversation. It was truly a blessed time. A day we really needed and enjoyed.

We headed back to the hotel, finding an amazing chocolate shop, more views of the city and some cool bars and stores. Truly a wonderful city to explore.

Once back at the hotel, we relaxed for a while, collected emails, caught up on some news from home and then went to dinner at the roof top restaurant again. What a great place to eat with great prices. Our waiter George is wonderful. He takes pretty good care of us and is teaching us about the way of things here in Piraeus.

So off to the room to settle in and write up today’s doings. The internet is a bit slow tonight, so I’m in hopes the pictures get uploaded too. I don’t think I’ll sit up and wait. I’ll check on them in the morning.

Tomorrow morning, we take a tour to Athens to see the Parthenon, one of the great wonders of the world. Tour the city and then back to Piraeus for a “Ship Get-Together” to meet some of the people that Pat has met online. Where at you ask? Yep. The roof top restaurant here at the hotel…

Capt. Paul (jpet)

Capt. Paul

Today’s Photos… (I had a glitch, but these are the ones that I could get to post.)

4 thoughts on “From What We Awoke To We’re Stoked – Day 1

  1. Diana Lentz

    So glad you made it to Greece. Someday, i will be there too. I have enjoyed your meanderings so far, keep it up! Love you guys…..



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