Running Down the List in London – Day 2

covent gardens (jpeg)
The Tube. Check. Covent Garden. Check. Davenport’s Magic Shop. Check. Getting Lost. Check.

So it looks like we knocked off a couple of things on our list today. What fun. In all reality though, I think the Brits are just putting up with us and helping us along the way.pete, iva, pat, tube (jpeg)We end up in the right places somehow and meet the right people and do the right things at the right times. So, I’m thinking we are pretty blessed. We do seem to be wondering around in a haze, but we seem to end up where we stared to go. How it happens? Well I’m not sure, but I live in gratefulness.

This morning we had coffee and got ourselves going to walk to Covent Garden. Well we have an Underground station just up the street so in we went. Asked where we should go to get to point A. Well just three legs with one transfer and we ended up there. How cool is that.

Covent Gardens was all that I expected it to be. Art, performers, food, drink, and an Apple Store and a visual treat. Once there, we foraged for food. We found a nice French place that treated us with some tasty treats and then off to explore.

street performer (jpeg)

Pat and Iva went to check out the shops. Pete and I went on an adventure to find Davenport’s Magic Shop. Pete and I found some great alleys to walk and streets to enjoy, but no Davenports. I had the address and a map, but it was nowhere to be found. We asked directions. Nope, no one knew anything. It just didn’t exist.

Then we found a book store and a wonderful lady. Yep, she took the time to look it up on the computer and after finding it, and looking at the map, she said it has to be underground. So she gave us directions, we headed down the street, we found an underground enterance. We went down three flights of stairs and there is was. Jackpot.

After spending time with the Danial’s (Yep, there were two Danials there, and showing each other a trick or two, we were out of there, we worked our way back to daylight and headed back to Covent Garden to meet up with the ladies.alley (jpeg)

We all headed back to the Tube to head to our neighborhood. Working our way back was a bit easier. It seems that on both trips on the Tube, our fares were free. One person let us in on one end and told us to pay at our destination. So on the end of the trips, we went to pay but the person on the end didn’t want to deal with us muchdavenports (jpeg) and just let us out on the street. What an experience it all was.

Once at the flat, we dropped things off and walked back out to find some dinner. We found a place for some nice chicken and headed back home. For the evening.

Tomorrow is a travel day. You know what that means, it’s Day 0 again. Off to Athens Greece. A 3.5 hour flight.

Peace and Love from London…

Capt. Paul (jpeg)

Capt. Paul

chicken (jpeg)the ring (jpeg)

4 thoughts on “Running Down the List in London – Day 2

    1. Kayla

      I am so happy you are having such an amazing trip ! I love you so much grandpa stay safe. And send grandmother my love too xoxoxox


      1. CellGrasp Post author

        Thanks Kayla: We will do our best, as always, to have a great time. It’s not hard to do. We are the creators you know. We love you two and Grandma says hi to you and the rest of the family… Grandpa


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