Really? Rome… Really? – Day 0.4

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Really? After all the pictures I’ve seen, All the posts I’ve read? Maybe all the stories I’ve been told or even the facts as they are? All of the information that I’ve been given over the course of 65 years, could it all be wrong?Did I misunderstand the information? Did I forget to do recent research on the country that I’m visiting? I don’t think so. I mean, yes, people have come over here and then come home to the USA and told me stories, but, maybe, just maybe, they didn’t tell me the truth, or maybe I was not even understanding what they were saying. Where did the communication get mixed up? Why did I not know the consequences of being overwhelmed and ill prepared.

Okay, I’m going with that. I’m an idiot and I didnt’ know what the hell I was doing. Not a clue.

How was I supposed to know that when we jumped on a bus and took the 1.5 hour trip from the cruise ship port to Rome that what was there was not a town that had an ancient monument. It was a town that was history itself. I think this is where time started here on earth. I think it is a place that is the hub of civilization.

Not just a monument here. Oh no, a city of monuments. Of history. Of crazy, old stuff that means a lot to us all. All protected and on display with pride. Not just for a money making endeavor, It’s here and enjoyed by every walk of life, worldwide. We are all here with our mouth open, in awe at what our ansisters acomplished thousands of years ago.

The cool thing is that there can be a 1500 year old building right between to 50 year old buildings and it blends right in. These guys know how to build things that stay together. In America, we are preserving 250 year old structures very carefully, but we also just blow up old, 50 year old, buildings and build another one that will only be there for another 50 years or so. Look at Vegas. If a building needs a facelift, they blown it up and start from scratch. Interesting.

But here in Europe, it smacked me up the side of the head that they know how to construct a structure that will last the test of time. It is truly amazing.

We jumped on a Hop on Hop Off Bus today. It was raining and cool and we wern’t dressed for it, so on an open air, covered, double decker, we cruised around the city. They gave us headphones and a choice of languages to listen to the stories of the city of Rome. Even their new buildings, 150 to 200 years old, looked like they are going to last just as long as the old ones. The streets were like driving around in L.A. Two to four lanes, bumper to bumper with drivers that really know how to drive. They scare me, but it was a ride I won’t forget.

I shot a lot of photos of the Coliseum. That structure is pretty remarkable as well as are all the other structures, fountains, streets, chruches and stores. Watching the people of Rome was interesting too. From my perspective, it was like they live in Disney, but it’s all real. School kids are the same as we have here. Business men and women busteling about, just life as usual.

I loved the stores and we found a great restaurant that put up with our lack of Italian speech. We all made it because they had enough English to help us out. Great food and wonderful people. The store we found was very nice. Cheeses and wine and real food abounds.

So it was a great day for us. More to ponder these photos are a choice of about 75 that I shot. It’s hard to show what really goes on in our day, but at least you can see a few snapshots here.

Tomorrow, Florence…

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Capt. Paul

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6 thoughts on “Really? Rome… Really? – Day 0.4

    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Yes Sonia. It is an amazing time that we are having. So much wonderful history. So much to take in. Thank your for all your guidance. We are blessed to have you along with us. Capt. Paul


  1. Kelsey

    Hey Paul! Reading your thoughts make me so happy! I can feel your energy with every word I read. So happy your in a state of awe and by that are being plunged into the present. To thrive. To transcend. I can’t wait to see you both. Tell Pat and the gang I said hello! Love and light! 💜


    1. CellGrasp Post author

      Thank you Kelsey… I appreciate your kind words and yes, it is a life changing experience. We’ll be seeing you soon and sharing time together. Be blessed and travel safe.



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